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Welcome to Innocity Gimcheon

We will make Gimcheon

A livable place full of hopes and wonderful changes.

  • Jikji-sa Temple

    Jikji-sa Temple

    Sat still in the magnificent view of Mt. Hwangaksan, the temple is a wonder of thousand years constructed by monk Ado in the 2nd year (year 418) of King Nulji in Silla period. Renowned by production of preceptor Samyeong who saved the country and nation from Japanese invasion of Korea.

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  • Buhang Dam

    Buhang Dam

    The area is an up-and-coming theme tourism place as neighbored by Sannaedeul ecological park, otter theme park, water culture center, zip line, etc. and a loop (14.1km) encompassing the dam to provide landscape view.

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  • Muheul Nine Valley (Sudo Valley)

    Muheul Nine Valley (Sudo Valley)

    Muheul Nine Valley refers to the 9 valleys praised by scholar Hangang Jeong-gu (1543-1620) in the mid-Joseon period for wonderful sight of clean water and rocks of fantastic shapes. Of the rivers flowing from Gimcheon to Seongju, the 1st valley Bongbiam, the 2nd valley Hangangdae, the 3rd valley Muhakjeong and the 4th valley Seonbawi belong to Seongju, whereas the 5th valley Sainam, the 6th valley Oknudong, the 7th valley Manualdam, the 8th valley Waryongam and the 9th valley Yongchu Fall belong to Gimcheon. The 7th, 8th and 9th valleys are located in Sudo Valley. The stream drop in Yongchu Fall draws awe from spectators.

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  • Jasan-dong Graffiti Village

    Jasan-dong Graffiti Village

    The entire village creates a mood of art gallery with beautiful paintings on walls in every alleyway in Jasan-dong. It’s a good place to photograph and overlook the whole downtown in Jasan Park.

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Message from Mayor

As mayor of gimcheon, I would like to take the opportunity to give you a cordial welcome.

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