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City Information

City Aim

Happiness of all

City Policy

  • Economic city with plentiful job opportunities
  • Impartial development for happy life of all
  • High-quality education for future preparation
  • Cultural welfare for leisurely life
  • Citizen-centered open administration

Main challenges

  • 01 High-tech industry cultivation and creation of investment environment
  • 02 Job creation for the socially disadvantaged and youth
  • 03 Mutual growth of innovative city and downtown
  • 04 Income increase of farm villages with good living environment
  • 05 Metropolitan transportation network expansion and traffic condition betterment
  • 06 Luxury education city for future generations
  • 07 Happy welfare society for longevity
  • 08 Income-associated culture, tourism and sports industry cultivation
  • 09 Clean and safe city without accidents
  • 10 Communicative administration with citizens