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GrapeThe soil of Gimcheon is high in germanium that ripens grape high in sugar with good storage quality. The earliest outdoor culture grape comes from Gimcheon in virtue of farmers’ advances in cultivation technology.

Sales periodJuly-October

Shine MuscatIt’s mainly produced in Gyeongsangbuk-do, the first cultivation plot of Shine Muscat, but the cultivation land is on a sharp increase in the existing grape farms such as Gimcheon.

Sales periodJuly-October

WalnutGimcheon is the nation’s biggest producer of walnut. It accounts for 29.3% of the whole with annual production of 330t. Gimcheon’s walnuts feature thin skin and a larger amount of flesh than others.

Sales periodSeptember-February

PlumCimcheon’s plums account for 27% of the nation’s entire production and are well-known for its quality nationwide.

Sales periodJune-August

Korean melonGimcheon’s Korean melons grow on a quality soil by organic farming. Gimcheon’s plentiful sunshine ripens them high in sugar and exceptional in quality.

Sales periodApril-September

OnionGimcheon’s onions have solid flesh of tangy flavor and good storage quality.

Sales periodAll seasons

GwahajuGimcheon’s traditional luxury spirit with 400 years of tradition served to royal families and relished by nobility.

Sales periodAll seasons

PotatoGimcheon’s potatoes grown in Joma-myeon have been noted nationwide as unique brand “Jangbau Potato”. The potatoes are cultivated on an outdoor land or inside a waterproof facility.

Sales periodApril-July

Cherry tomatoGimcheon’s cherry tomatoes are cultivated by eco-friendly agricultural technology that engages leaf-cutting bees in fertilization 100% with limited use of agricultural pesticide and organic farming of advanced countries that employs cutting-edge facilities.

Sales periodAll seasons

PearA quality pear harvested in Gimcheon, called “Gimcheon Pear,” is grown in climate and soil conditions suitable for growth and development of pears. It has high sugar content and unique scent, and the main products are Singo, Pungsu, Hwanggeum and Jangsioryang.

Sales periodSeptember to October

Enoki MushroomMushrooms grown and produced in high-tech facilities are pollution-free food and have a fresh taste and excellent flavor.

Sales periodyear-round

Conventional Fermented Soybean Lump

Sales periodyear-round

Jirye Black PorkThe meat tastes light and chewy, and low in fat. So it has a completely different taste from regular pork.

Gimcheon JingjiangAll kinds of brass objects are produced including brass pots, washbasins, bowls, piss-pots, tam-tams, small gongs and spoons.

Designated as Gyeongsangbuk-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 9 on December 11, 1986

Walnut Ink BreadThe bread made from Gimcheon walnuts which is the nation's No. 1 in production, organic flour and squid ink. It is healthy food rich in omega-3, vitamins and potassium.