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The symbol represents the city of Gimcheon, full of hope for the 21st century. To emphasize the image of a pure city with its three mountains and two rivers, the images of the sun, mountain, and river were used as the motif. The rising sun full of vitality represents the future of Gimcheon and the progressive spirit of the people of Gimcheon. The mountain standing tall with the sun as its background represents the three mountains 'Geumo', 'Daedeok', and 'Hwangak'. The energetic underlying blue line the streams ‘Gamcheon’ and ‘Jikjicheon’ flowing into the Nakdong river.

City Slogan

Kindness/good order/cleanliness movement. Happy Together Gimcheon

Nongak(Korean Folk Music) Characters(Geumdongi, Geumsongi)

The names 'Geumdongi' and 'Geumsongi' are extremely familiar and local names, the ‘Geum’ part of which is derived from the old name of Gimcheon. [Geumdongi] is valued and loved as much as gold and is a boy full of dreams promoting Gimcheon to the entire world in the 21st century. [Geumsongi] is created in the image of a cute little girl who follows her future dreams along with 'Geumdonig'.

Grape Characters(The Komi Siblings: Saekomi, Dalkomi)

The ending 『komi』 was chosen for its cute image and used to name the brother and sister [Saekomi, and Dalkomi], respectively. Together they are called the Komi siblings. The names [Saekomi] and [Dalkomi] were created by anthropomorphically expressing the sweet and sour tastes of grapes in a modern and amusing manner.

SNS Character (Osam-i)

Born in Mt. Jirisan in 2015, a cute and friendly Asiatic black bear living in the Mt. Sudosan of Gimcheon with the best natural environment after three trials of escapes.

City Tower

  • Date of Establishment: August 15th, 1975
  • Project Cost: 2.5 million won
  • Size: 15m
  • Constructor: Gimcheon Culture Center
  • Our hometown is our orchard.
    • We are the fruit trees, gardeners, and keepers of our orchard. When we plant our two legs into the rich soil, nourishment flows like milk and honey, and when we wrap our arms around the blue sky, we bear the fruit of hot suns at the tips of our hands. Each of us blossom in our own way and bear our own fruits in our own time and finally are put into the basket that is our nation as ripe, rich fruits.

City emblem

The general form represents the noble ideals and growth of the city of Gimcheon, which brings together the Geumneung and Gimcheon. The two ovals symbolize the unification and solidarity of the combined city and district, as well as their collective rising spirit. The triangle in the center represents the three mountains, and the white oval represents the smooth flow of water and transportation.

City Bird – The Common Heron

  • Reason
    • The appearance of the bird is elegant and beautiful, thus representing dignity, abundance, and the flourishing of the new Gimcheon.
  • Characteristics
    • Bird of the stork order, and snowy heron family
    • Length: 91 ~ 102Cm
    • Feeds on fish, frogs, and crawfish etc., in shallow waters
    • Builds nests in tall trees and breeds from April through July

City Flower – The Plum Flower

  • Reason
    • Plums, which possess beautiful and fragrant flowers, bear great numbers of fruit in the spring with their strong vitality, thus the flower is said to represent fecundity and purity. It represents the wishes of the city to grow in terms of population and otherwise.
  • Characteristics
    • Dicotyledonous plant. Deciduous tree of the rose order and family.

City Tree – The Pine Tree

  • Reason
    • Pine trees are one of the ten creatures of longevity and are found all throughout our city. They represent a strong spirit and integrity, which fits well with the spirit of the people of Gimcheon.
  • Characteristics
    • Gymnosperm. Strobilaceous evergreen, acicular tree of the pine tree family.
    • Can be found in Korea, north east China, the Ussuri region, and Japan etc.
    • Grows up to 35m tall and 1.8m wide