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Mayor Kim Chung-seop with smile

I will reshape Gimcheon to a better place to live with hopes.
Welcome. I’m Mayor of Gimcheon City, Kim Chung-seop.
I sincerely appreciate your visit to our website.

The 7th popularly elected government of Gimcheon will put "human" first ahead of other values and reflect the hopes and changes desired by citizens into municipal polices to make the city a better place to live.

I will exert my best endeavor to make Gimcheon a concordant and united city where all the 150,000 citizens relish a happy life under clean politics as desired by the citizens without fail. For this, I will be more humble and communicative with citizens to listen to their voices more carefully and get closer to them.

All citizens of Gimcheon!
You are the true owner of Gimcheon.

Hopefully, this website will serve an active place for open communication of all citizens to take feedbacks, suggestions, criticism and encouragement on various matters from municipal politics to daily life inconveniences or complaints, minor or major, and also to discuss and share a blueprint and big picture vision for the future of the city.

I will be fully attentive to your precious comments to prosper and embellish Gimcheon to its merit.
Thank you.

Mayor of GimcheonKim Chung-seop